Renold Smartlink Assists OEM

Renold Chain has helped Vermeer, a leading US manufacturer of agricultural machinery and construction equipment, to test the chain drive system on its latest cornstalk baler, the 605 Super M, using its innovative chain sensor known as Smartlink.

Designers at Vermeer wanted to measure the loads applied to the three main transmission chains on one of the new balers working on a real farm, to ensure that the correct size and type of chain was being used.

Cornstalk baling is a rugged application that involves the collecting and compressing of cut and raked crop into round, cylindrically shaped bales that can weigh over a ton each. Tests were carried out on a baler making a variety of bales with different set ups, speeds and pressures.

Three Smartlink devices were fitted to the side plates of the three chains to be tested. During the various test procedures the Smartlink units continuously collected electronic data on all the loading applied to the chain during working conditions. At the end of the tests the data was downloaded to a hand-held remote control device by means of Smartlink's infrared link. This information was then analysed on a PC using Renold's specially developed software.

The test results were extremely positive. They showed that the chain drive system was operating as expected and demonstrated that the optimum size and type of chain was being used. Not only did the results show that the chain drive would operate reliably and with minimal maintenance, but the data will also be used by Vermeer's designers for the development of new equipment in the future.

Smartlink can be used on a wide range of applications including theme park rides, food processing, conveying and materials handling. In addition to Vermeer it has also been used successfully by a variety of other well known manufacturers of agricultural machinery and earth moving vehicles.

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