Synergy chain increases noodle production

noodle production

American food manufacturer, German Village Products, has cut maintenance to a minimum on one of its production lines after installing Synergy chain from Renold.

Amongst other things the company manufactures noodles for big brand soups and it was finding that the heat from one of its dryers, combined with a build up of flour, was causing the chain fitted to the dryer to stretch prematurely.

As a result new chain was routinely fitted every six months and this not only incurred the cost of new chain it also resulted in increased labour costs and lost production whilst the line was closed for replacement chain to be fitted.

After consulting engineers from Renold in December 2005, Synergy, Renold's long life chain, was fitted in the hope that it might last 12 months rather than six. Since then the chain has not had to be replaced once and has eliminated the need for three chain replacements.

Not only that but the chain is still showing no signs of wear and the company is delighted with the savings in chain replacements, labour and downtime.

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Synergy chain increasing production