Renold Synergy in harsh wool processing application



Goulbourn Wool Scour (GWS) of Goulbourn, Australia, has cut down-time after fitting British made Renold Synergy chain. Most of Goulburn’s machinery operates in harsh, wet conditions and the company had previously been unable to find a chain that would provide the operating life time they required. Greg Murdoch, the company’s maintenance supervisor said: ‘I have found Renold Synergy to far outlast any other chain. Its reliability is second to none. I would thoroughly recommend this product as break downs, due to chain failing, are now virtually nonexistent on our applications.’

Wool scouring is the process by which dirt, sweat and grease is removed from the wool and GWS scours 20,000 tons of wool a year. The wool is immersed in hot water and detergent and passes through a line of washing boxes or bowls, making up what is known as a scour line. The chains drive the washing box mechanisms and are exposed to hot water, detergent, condensation and regular machine wash downs.


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