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Covanta Energy is one company doing its bit for the environment. As part of the move towards greener energy generation they burn domestic and commercial waste that would otherwise become landfill. Converting more than 1,650 tons of refuse per day at just one plant Covanta has so far processed more than 130 million tons of waste, avoiding the need for more than 210 million barrels of oil and the subsequent emissions that would have been produced.

Engineers at one plant in the US needed help with a chain drive for part of their process that runs in exposed outdoor conditions. They were looking to avoid the prospect of an expensive changeover to a belt drive and so the sales engineer from Renold Jeffrey proposed a duplex polymer bush chain from the Syno range. Both ANSI 160-2 and 200-2 have been supplied.

With its treated plates providing excellent corrosion resistance and the polymer roller and bush sleeve ensuring that the chain did not require lubrication the Syno polymer bush chain was the perfect solution. An ideal chain to be compatible with such an environmentally beneficial application.

When faced with a challenging environment and application, the Syno range goes further than any other in terms of both size range and performance.

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