The New Synergy


New RENOLD Synergy is now on sale in the UK, giving industry even more features and benefits on top of its world-beating performance and strength. You can see the changes even before you take RENOLD Synergy out of the box. The RENOLD Synergy packaging has changed from platinum and blue to platinum & black and the reason is clear the moment you take out the chain.
RENOLD Synergy has changed in appearance with the plates now having a special surface treatment giving them a black colour. Another benefit of the surface treatment on the plates is that RENOLD Synergy now resists the onset of corrosion longer than ever before. You'll also notice that the chain is virtually dry-to-the-touch making it much more user-friendly to handle and install. When the time comes to disassemble the chain, its platinum coloured connecting link plate contrasts clearly with the black plates for easy identification.

The lubrication is where it needs to be, inside the chain, not on your hands. All the essential areas and components within the chain that require initial lubrication are still protected but with the vast majority removed from the external surfaces. Handling and installing the chain is now much easier and potentially quicker.

By ensuring that the chain is virtually dry-to-the-touch, we have been able to dispense with the plastic bag, thereby making the product and all its packaging 100% recyclable. With RENOLD Synergy already demonstrating reduced friction, therefore requiring less energy, this is yet another environmentally friendly consideration to go with its increased user-friendly characteristics. It also means that RENOLD Synergy lasts even longer - another 8% longer!

RENOLD Synergy is still available in all the same sizes (3/8" to 1.5" European (BS) and ANSI standard) with all the same component dimensions. RENOLD Synergy still has all the performance capabilities and superior design specification that have benefited tens of thousands of industrial applications since its launch in 2000 and now a product that many thought could not be improved upon is now even further ahead.

There are now even more reasons to specify RENOLD Synergy.

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