Renold Chain's Troubleshooter Guide

Renold Chain has produced a free troubleshooter guide to help engineers easily identify the causes of premature failure of conveyor and transmission chain across a wide range of applications and industry sectors.    

Troubleshooter Cover Page

The handy, pocket-sized guide contains over 50 pages of information covering all the most common causes of premature wear and failure with easy-to-follow solutions in each case.

Large, close-up colour pictures for each mode of failure make it easy for engineers to identify early signs of wear on chain installed on their plant and equipment. The guide then provides simple advice and easy-to-follow solutions to correct problems and extend the life of chain before it needs to be replaced, or ensure the causes of failure are eliminated before a new chain is installed.

A page is devoted to each of the 47 modes of failure, with an easy reference format that includes a colour photograph, clear identification of the type of chain and application, an analysis of the condition, a diagnosis and the solution.

The handy pocket-sized Troubleshooter Guide is available free from Renold Chain. To get your copy simply enter your details in the form below and the guide will be despatched to you by post. 

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