Renold Chain UK Service Centre Provides Fast Response and Widest Range of Options

Operating out of an 18,000 square foot facility with extensive warehousing and stock availability Renold Chain's dedicated UK service centre is able to offer a fast turnaround for all types of attachment, transmission and conveyor chain for a wide range of industry sectors to exact customer requirements.

Bredbury Full Plant

Orders are fulfilled within the service centre for standard, adapted and special conveyor chain with up to 90klb plates. It has the in-house capability to provide chain with a range of coatings, specialist heat treatment, spin rivets, and with welded and integral attachment plates. The service centre has the flexibility and stock availability to respond rapidly to a wide range of requirements for chain in a multitude of different industrial applications in either metric or imperial pitch sizes.

The service centre provides a guaranteed 72 hour attachment chain service for BS steel transmission chain, from half inch (08B) to one inch (16B) pitch, with standard M and K attachments, extended pins, and in accordance with customer specifications. Renold's dedicated team of specialist engineers are able to guarantee that chain is ready for dispatch within 72 hours of an order being placed, with an even faster 24 hour service available for urgent requirements.

The service includes chain measuring and matching on high precision rigs and preloading on specialist machinery. Measuring and matching is particularly important, for example, on positioning applications where two strands of chain need to be in perfect alignment with each other, and the preloading of chain eliminates initial wear, or elongation, after installation.

The service centre has the facilities to provide an in-house lubrication service for chain destined for a wide range of applications and environments. This includes food grade lubrication, cold temperature lubrication, hot lubrication, wax lubrication for dusty environments like quarries, and marine lubrication for salt water conditions.

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