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Renold at KIAE 2014

Renold Torque Transmission is supporting Chainex Industrial Co Ltd at KIAE 2014.

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First Service

Ribble Steam Railway went back to the original manufacturer, Renold Hi-Tec Couplings when the transmission coupling on its BR Class 14 locomotive, D9539, required servicing.

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Manufacturers Must Stick To The Facts

David Turner, Renold Chain's marketing communications manager, calls for manufacturing companies to be more accurate with their claims of innovations.

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New Renold Chain Selector Makes It Easy

The new Chain Selector from Renold has been launched, making it even easier to specify the right transmission chain for the job.

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New Video for Renold Chain Pin Extractor

This new video shows just how simple it is to cut a Renold transmission chain with the Chain Pin Extractor.

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New Video for Renold Klik-Top Chain

This new video shows just how simple it is to replace a block on Klik-Top Polymer Block Chain.

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