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The heavy-duty leak free gearbox is here

Renold Gears has launched a unique leak-free technology kit for heavy-duty gearboxes

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Properly Lubricated Chains Last Longer

Renold, the world’s leading chain manufacturer, offers tips on how to make chains last longer with the help of the correct lubrication.

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Ultimate roller coaster gets ultimate chain

The second longest roller coaster in the world, and the longest in Europe, has specified replacement chain from Renold for its two huge chain lift hills that take the coaster trains on a long climb to the thrilling heights of 102 and then 107 feet respectively.

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Ren-Adjust Animation Available Now!

Renold Gears' latest animation showcasing the Ren-Adjust dual lead adjustment mechanism is available now.

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140 years since Renold was founded!

It was in 1879 when Hans Renold acquired the James Slater Company in Salford, near Manchester, a small manufacturer producing simple textile chain—and the Hans Renold Company was founded.

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Lubrication Advice from Renold Chain

When lubricated correctly standard roller chain should last many years on most applications, but inadequate lubrication will cause it to wear rapidly.

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