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Ren-Adjust Animation Available Now!

Renold Gears' latest animation showcasing the Ren-Adjust dual lead adjustment mechanism is available now.

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140 years since Renold was founded!

It was in 1879 when Hans Renold acquired the James Slater Company in Salford, near Manchester, a small manufacturer producing simple textile chain—and the Hans Renold Company was founded.

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Lubrication Advice from Renold Chain

When lubricated correctly standard roller chain should last many years on most applications, but inadequate lubrication will cause it to wear rapidly.

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Roller Coaster gets Innovative Chain Solution

We are pleased to have recently supplied an innovative chain solution to a roller-coaster at one of Europe's largest theme parks.

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Breaking Load is not the way to Specify Chain says Renold

It is important to properly understand the role played by wear resistance and fatigue resistance in the performance of a chain so that breaking load does not become the primary factor.

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Specially Adapted Oven Chain Bakes the Best Crumpets

The next time you tuck into some delicious warm crumpets, dripping with butter, there is every chance that they made it to your plate courtesy of specially adapted oven chain from Renold

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