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Our story. Quality. Precision. Value.

No other company has been solving complex technical problems longer or more successfully than Renold. At Renold Couplings, we deliver technical capability, precision, quality and long-term value through engineering prowess.

Renold have been driving industry forward through innovation since 1879. Now, Renold Couplings drives industry the world over, from materials handling, cranes and hoists to metal manufacture and the pulp and paper industry. Our couplings connect machines together through stock solutions and custom-crafted connections, all handmade in our high-tech engineering factories.

Our heritage springs from our long, eventful and proud history. From the moment that 27-year-old Hans Renold, son of a burgher family in Aarau, Switzerland, purchased a small textile-chain making business in Salford in 1879, and established The Hans Renold Co. This makes Renold the oldest established transmission chain company still in existence in the world.

It only took him a year to make his mark – the Institution of Mechanical Engineers reported in a memoir that: "Few realise how extensive is the influence of Renold's inventiveness on both civil and industrial life throughout the world.”

Today, Renold employs around 2,500 people in more than 23 countries around the world. Although the company has grown, we think that Hans Renold himself would still recognise the innovative, engineering spirit of Renold Couplings. Our engineers are like all engineers. They can’t help fixing things, tinkering with engines, making everything work efficiently without fuss or fanfare. Once their weekend is over, they come into work and do the same for our customers – to innovate at the most advanced level imaginable.

The Future with Renold Couplings

Like our products, we are built to last. We’re in it for the long-haul, connecting drivelines and powering production, fulfilment and processing for years to come. We work with a spread of customers, big and small, OEMs and distributors, wherever you are or are likely to be in the future. We’re all about the engineering, the quality, the craft and the through-life asset care. From enquiry to implementation, design to delivery, it’s a long-term partnership. Here’s to the future!