The Shop Floor

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Renold’s shop floor at its purpose-built factory in Cardiff is engineering nirvana.  

We have invested millions in the past three years on new machines and equipment that put
us on the leading edge of manufacturing capability. Besides standard machine renewal, our
focus has been on efficiency in order to reduce the number of operations required to
manufacture our products, as well as keep our product quality at the very highest level. Part
of our investment has also enabled Renold to advance to the latest machine tools and
techniques available.

Machines recently purchased from Mazak and DMG place us on the cutting edge of
technology by using the 5 Axis machining functions, scanning and with the help of the best
tooling representatives we are manufacturing to the latest cutting methods.

For our latest phase of investment, we have purchased a new balancing machine from
CEMB to increase our capabilities by over 200% and invested in a new VMC and Keyseater
machine. These additional machines further enhance our capabilities on site and keep us on
track in our continuous bid to improve and refine our capability to machine products with
the latest technology and techniques.

Our investment is not purely in the machines to improve quality and process flow; we have
also invested heavily in the tooling, fixtures and inspection equipment to be confident that
we are using the latest that technology has to offer.