Marine Propulsion Couplings

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Robust and reliable: High-tech, flexible couplings suitable for marine propulsion, misalignment or onboard power generation, where failure is not an option.

The exacting requirements of marine application environments demand superior design and specification. From small workboats to large dredgers and ocean liners, Renold Coupling’s marine products have been propelling and powering vessels of all sizes for over 50 years. Our latest rubber in compression technology is inherently failsafe and provides quiet-running by eliminating all metal-to-metal contact. Renold Couplings offer:

  • Easy assembly for applications in bell housing
  • Operation in bell housing and other high ambient temperatures
  • Protection of the driveline under short circuit and other transient conditions
  • Continuous operation of the driveline in the unlikely event of rubber damage
  • No lubrication or adjustment required, resulting in low running costs
  • Quiet running conditions by eliminating metal to metal contact
  • Low vibratory loads
  • Elimination of torque amplifications