Renold’s Coupling business consists of two established manufacturing companies, Renold Couplings and Renold Ajax Couplings.  

Together they manufacture the widest selection of high quality couplings supplied by any manufacturer worldwide. 

Renold Couplings

Located in Cardiff, Wales, Renold Couplings was originally established in 1947 and relocated to a new, purpose built facility in 1991. In 1996, Renold acquired Holset Engineering’s coupling business and have since continued to develop its torsionally flexible rubber-in-compression range.

The company has a reputation for quality which is a cornerstone of their success. The products, ranging from Sprag Clutches to Fluid Couplings to Rubber-in-Compression Couplings, are all designed and manufactured to high standards. The company uses its vast expertise to create specific solutions to customers unique requirements. International companies from Steel to Food processing to escalators to textile machinery have chosen Renold to solve their problems.

Renold Ajax Couplings

For more than 60 years, Renold Ajax has been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom gear spindles, gear couplings and special gearing. Its Westfield, New York plant is just one of a world-wide operation that includes sales and manufacturing subsidiaries in sixteen countries and sales agents in more than seventy countries, all specializing in power transmission products.

Renold Ajax's success in the primary metals industry can be attributed to design innovations like continuous circulating oil lubrication, roll end piloting, and compound tooth curvature. The company has invested heavily in the Westfield plant with state-of-the-art CNC machinery, and has also incorporated manufacturing cell technology. This combination allows Renold to offer a high quality product at an extremely competitive price.


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