Roll-Ring® Chain Tensioner

ROLL-RING® is a simple yet innovative chain tensioner made from a specially formulated polymer. The unique design is based upon a simple toothed ring that can be fitted to horizontal, vertical or diagonal drives in a matter of seconds, simply by placing it in-between the two strands of chain, it is also is self-adjusting and maintenance free.

When the drive is in use, the ROLL-RING® deforms to an elliptical shape, due to compression between the strands and completely absorbs any slack in the system. ROLL-RING® performs the job of a tensioner and a damper in one, and is ideally suited to applications where maintenance is difficult or impossible.


Vibrations in an untensioned chain drive


The ROLL-RING® chain tensioner
tensions and dampens

ROLL-RING® chain tensioners provide tensioning using:

  • Static tensioning force from the elastic ring
Dynamic tensioning force from the damping of the working material

ROLL-RING® provides as much tensioning as possible at low chain speeds, and has reserves of tensioning and damping capability for higher chain speeds. The diagram below shows the tensioning force of a ROLL-RING® chain tensioner with its individual allocations of tensioning forces and their resulting effects.


The ROLL-RING® chain tensioner provides cost effective, time saving installation and maintenance.

The advantages over other types of chain tensioners are:

  • ROLL-RING® is easily installed where space limitations prohibit the use of conventional chain tensioners.
  • ROLL-RING® is fitted in a matter of seconds.
  • Free standing: no sprockets, bolts, plates, drilling or costly installation required
  • It is ready for use without any tools, tensioning equipment or any further alignment or adjustment.
  • It is fully effective in vertical and diagonal drives.
  • ROLL-RING® works automatically, is maintenance free and self lubricating.
  • It can be used in dusty and dirty environments.
  • ROLL-RING® is a tensioner and damper in one, thus reducing noise levels.
  • ROLL-RING® also works in reverse mode.
  • ROLL-RING® chain tensioners reduce chain wear and improve the quality and efficiency of the complete chain drive.